Sunday, November 9, 2008

camp washington chili - the short story

a great rarity happened this week - brian and i were off on the same weekday, and it happened to be a glorious sunny november afternoon. so we decided to go to the zoo.
our family's default restaurant when going to the zoo used to be zino's, but since they closed, we have not found a staple after-zoo eatery. we opted this time for camp washington chili, which i have previously only visited drunk.
the place was packed and gets two thumbs up for great classic atmosphere. the server was very friendly, although she seemed frazzled by the lunch rush. i ordered the grilled cheese with turkey, brian with ham. the sandwich was good; hot and melty. i wish it would have had real turkey breast instead of lunchmeat, but whatever. the big disappointment was the chili cheese fries we split. i hate to say it of such a cincinnati institution, but i thought the chili lacked flavor and the fries were kind of cold. i kept eating them hoping i just had a bad bite, but to no avail. they just weren't good. we left half the plate.
to end on a more positive note, when my grandfather was a firefighter he did insurance inspections of restaurants. every time we drive past camp washington, he comments that it had the cleanest kitchen he ever saw.
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WestEnder said...

Oh man, that stinks. I've had the chili fries a few times and I've liked them (disclaimer: they were preceded by alcohol consumption).

Maybe next time try Chili Time in St. Bernard just down the street. I went there last week on a friend's recommendation and liked the 3-way.