Thursday, November 20, 2008

harry connick, jr riffs about skyline and graeter's

more proof that non-natives do not appreciate the artistry which is skyline chili. at his concert last night, harry connick, jr explained that he just can't get into skyline chili. an audience member presented him with a gift bag of canned skyline. while reading the can, he mused that "spices" mean something different up here than it does down in new orleans. truer words were never spoken. he did admit to a love of graeter's. i will assume he is appalled as i am at the disappearance of eggnog ice cream from the seasonal menu.

now i have to gush for a second like the 14 year old catholic school girl i am deep inside. harry connick is adorable and did a fantastic concert and seems like a great guy to have a drink with and he wears vests and i told brian he should wear vests, too.

gushing complete.

where did we eat before the show? nada. brian and i split the negro modella short ribs, a new menu item that is very good, even though it reminded me of the stew my mom used to torment us with as children (turnips and potatoes disguised as one another - evil!). highlight of the meal was the dessert. warm chocolate torte with bananas foster gelato - simply divine.

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