Tuesday, November 4, 2008

argentine bean

we went to argentine bean the other night. when we arrived there were a handful of people, not too many but we were there a little on the early side (6:30). we ordered a bottle of the malbec to start with. great wine. for dinner we had started out with the caprese salad. it arrived quite soon after ordering. tomatoes were fresh, cheese was delicious and just the right amount of balsamic vinaigrette. we also ordered skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and the chicken skewers with mango sauce. needless to say i was sans camera. sorry. about 15 - 20 minutes later our skirt steak arrived. it was getting to the point where we were watching the kitchen door to open. they were supposed to have chimichurri sauce and unfortunately i was unable to see that there was any on it. it had a parsley dipping sauce next to it but no chimichurri. very disappointed. next the chicken arrived a few minutes later. i tasted no mango sauce. i saw some grilled chicken. it wasn't over cooked, but it didn't have much flavor either. the service was good aside from the wait on food. we didn't have dessert, but we could see them in the case and they did look tasty. we left pretty disappointed. i really wanted to like this place, but i can safely say that we will not be returning.

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