Sunday, August 24, 2008

movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

hollmeyer orchards, located deep in the westside on fiddlers green, has some absolutely phenomenal peaches. we always used to go down there when i was a kid, but we hadn't been in years until yesterday. we picked up some peaches, pears and apples (the really crisp, tart kind). they also had tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, honey, and jams. from what i remember, they also will have some delicious apple butter coming up here in the next couple months. in the spring they have asparagus. my family has always felt, though, that the peaches are the real reason to visit hollmeyer. firm, juicy and sweet, with not too much fuzz. i haven't tried the ones we bought yet, because they are not quite ripe.
does anyone have any favorite recipe for peaches (or pears or apples, for that matter) that you're willing to divulge? i would hate to not be able to eat them all and to see them go to waste.
fun fact about peaches: the peach was a sign of immortality to the ancient chinese. giving it as a gift was a sign of friendship. so make sure you share.
if you are going to go to hollmeyer, go soon. they only have peaches for another two weeks.


JKNEPFLE said...

Last time I went there (a couple weeks ago), we made this recipe for cobbler:

Half peaches, half blueberries (that we picked in Lebanon).

It was incredible.

I also made a peach pie using this crust recipe a couple weeks ago, and it was INCREDIBLE! It works best with harder, less ripe peaches since they don't get as mushy:

Then, I bit into one of my peaches and a little white worm was crawling all over the inside. Kinda grossed me out. However, I'm really trying hard to get over it!!!!

k said...

thanks for the recipe ideas - they both sound pretty fantastic!

sorry about your worm experience. that can be traumatizing. it's one thing if you're cutting into it, but entirely different if you are biting...not to gross you out further. :)