Sunday, August 24, 2008

top 5 favorite patios to while away hours drinking and eating

these are in no particular order, because how could i choose? it depends on my mood and company.

- gajah wong. we've discussed how the food is hit or miss, but their cocktails are good and cold and their patio is like being in a fantastic eastern fairy tale. i love the stone statues and all the lights in the trees.

- mecklenburg gardens. my grandparents had their wedding reception here way back in the day and i don't think the bier garden has lost it's charm. i graduated to here from christy's when i became aware of how much older i was than everyone else at the bar.

- cabana on the river. sure, they have neon palm trees, but spending a hot summer night down by the river never hurt anyone. the menu is regular bar food. my favorite appetizer is this bread with cheese and olives...i can't remember the name right now. and if you're from the westside, on any given night you are bound to run into your cousin, your mom's best friend from high school, and a dreaded ex-boyfriend.

- honey. it's just so cute. and the food is good.

- arthur's. the old standby.


liz said...

good choices. i just went to cabana on the river last night for the first time. i love that place!

Michael Warth said...


If you get a chance try Chez Nora in Covington. The 3rd floor boasts an outdoor patio and jazz band. I was there for a PhotoWalk with David Ziser (great photographer by the way). My brother and about 50 other participants walked from fountain square to Chez Nora and let me say the Guinness hit the spot.

By the way, I was introduced to your blog by fellow Chillicotheian Beth Todaro of Lloyde's Sweet Shoppe. I really enjoyed reading your reviews of our little town's culinary (fried) delights.

- Michael

k said...

good call on chez nora. i don't go there nearly as much as i should!
glad you enjoyed the reviews of chillicothe - if you get a chance, send me some recommendations by email for my next visit!