Saturday, August 16, 2008


a couple weeks ago i celebrated my second annual 29th birthday. we had a pretty fantastic evening at chalk food + wine. we were in the wine room and had a condensed menu (of my choosing). organizing was a breeze, and my husband did a wonderful job with the help of leslie, their coordinator. i had the prosciutto and melon, the polenta with jalapeno, the barramundi (fish, for those of you who don't know. i didn't until a few days before ordering it), and the peanut butter pie. really i included the prosciutto and melon on the menu just out of curiousity. i'm always intrigued by meat and sweet. i've put chocolate-fountain chocolate on roast beef at wedding receptions before, much to the chagrin of those unlucky enough to be seated at my table. that inspiration came from the movie chocolat. anyway, the combination was quite good. that and the peanut butter pie were my favorite parts of the meal. there was also a lot of sharing going on, and i also thought the fries were delicious, although salty.
the starters
i like the visual appeal. it makes me happy to eat pretty food.

the main event

first is the barramundi. i, of course, was a bad blogger and lost the menu description, so this will be a visual tour and not much more.

the pig with jalapeno cornbread.the lamb. note mushrooms in background.the trout.

i did take some flack from certain friends for not having a beef or chicken dish, but whatever.

finally, the desserts. i thought the peanut butter dessert was fantastic, but one of my friends complained she thought it tasted burnt. it was covered in super sinful dark chocolate, so i think that is where she got the taste of char. doesn't it look like fun?

strawberry pannacotta. the silver swirly sugar tickled me pink.
my only complaint: they put the fact i was turning 30 right up there on the menu for everyone to see.

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liberal foodie said...

happy belated birthday blogger. chalk's a great reliable place to go for special events. your evening looks like it was done, just right.

k said...

thanks for the birthday wishes. and i agree- i would definitely recommend chalk to anyone for a special event.