Sunday, August 17, 2008

new feature

beth and i are both big fans of john cusack and (most) of his movies, including high fidelity. in homage to this, we are introducing a weekly food-related top 5. please comment your own responses...we'd love to hear them. note - the views expressed in the top 5 pertain to the poster and are not a consensus.

this week: top 5 gastronomical guilty pleasures
5) little debbie snack cakes: oatmeal cream pies, zebra cakes, strawberry shortcake rolls. need i go on?
4) salami and cream cheese rolls. these are always the perfect snack for any situation. they're fabulous.
3) cold pizza. i'd rather have leftovers cold than reheated. especially for breakfast.
2) butter. lathered on bread, whipped with sugar in the first steps of cookie-making, sauteing vegetables. mmm....maybe i shouldn't give paula deen such a hard time.
1) white castle. anytime of day. and i don't even have to be drunk.


JKNEPFLE said...

- Cheez-its (NOT Nips!)
- Nacho Cheese Munchie Mix
- Liver pudding (I don't care that there's more than liver in there!)
- Lotta Trotta with Goetta (showing my west-side roots!)
- Buffalo chicken dip (mix a couple cans of chicken with a half cup of ranch dressing mixed with a half cup of Frank's hot sauce, top with cojack cheese, serve with Fritos. :) )

k said...

j- so i'm sensing you're a salty, not a sweet, but liver pudding??!! your dip sounds pretty yummy - i'll have to try it out next poker night. thanks!

JKNEPFLE said...

haha...I love sweet as much as the next guy. Dunno why but this was the first 5 that came to my head :)

As for liver pudding...I'm German...what can I say?! :)