Sunday, August 31, 2008

new system

i would like to introduce my new favorite donut in the universe: the bismarck.i'm usually pretty noncommittal about donuts, since i never feel like anything lives up to the idolized pastries of my childhood from this fantastic bakery that closed. but the bismarck, from the new system bakery in chillicothe, is marvelous. the dough and cream create this ying and yang of sweetness and butter, a perfect balance for a breakfast delicacy. it's a grown up donut; i don't think it's sweet enough for a kid's refined palate. and on fridays, they make chocolate bismarcks, with chocolate dough and chocolate icing on top. those didn't last long enough to get photographed.

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Beth Todaro said...

K, I love those bismarks...and the chocolate ones are my favs. If you like cookies, they have a butterscotch cookie just like my grandma used to make. It's oval shaped, tender and sweet, but not too sweet. I can't stop in there without buying a dozen and of course eating them all in one day :) Happy Eating, Beth (Lloyds Sweet Shoppe)