Monday, August 18, 2008

better late than never, right?????

So a few weeks (err many weeks) ago i had the pleasure of attending a rehearsal dinner hosted at the Art of Entertaining in O'Bryonville. Its located next door to Chateau Pomije Wine Store & Bar. I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. We were the first of the party to arrive, which is always a bit socially awkward. We were greeted at the door by Julie one of the owners. She showed us around the store and into the kitchen area, after serving us a beverage. When entering the building you enter in the store front area, where tons of wonderful dinnerware and other serving needs are shown. This is a place to find unique serve ware. Once arriving in the kitchen we were greeted by Chef Jacob who was taking asparagus in puff pastry out of the oven. One of the most delightful people i have met in a long time. Not only is he great at what he does, cooking and teaching, but he is wonderful and easy to talk too. The kitchen area had several large tables for eating and socializing and a large counter area where you can watch the food preparation take place. In this case you had the opportunity to determine your level of involvement. If you know me at all you can naturally assume that i was pestering Jacob with 1000's of questions.

The menu of the night included --

asparagus wrapped in puff pastry -- simple and delicious -- i was the first to try, but that's the perk of being the first to arrive
caponata bruschetta -- equally as tasty and prepare
grilled fresh mozzarella and bread skewers with tomatoes, red onion and pesto vinaigrette

green salad with manchego, apples and caramelized walnuts
- or-
pacific rim ceasar salad -- i did not try this salad but seemed to be a favorite amoung the crowd


chicken sates with red curry peanut dipping sauce

coffee rubbed new york steak -- this is one of those steaks where they don't cook to order but you have no complaints either. i'm pretty particular about how i like my steaks and i no one else did either.

side dishes;
baby vegetables in a balsamic glaze
crunchy roasted rosemary potatoes


ok anyone who knows me knows that i don't really prefer dessert as i would often prefer to have another drink instead. in this case i happened to have several desserts. yes i had two of the chocolate kona coffee mousse. i then preceeded to have the mixed berry, white chocolate and lemon cream trifle once. making the grand total 3 desserts. drinks -- i'm not quite sure.

Everything flowed very naturally and smoothly. Julie introduced the place under the concept of the "mi casa es su casa" and made all guests feel welcome. Each dish was introduced as it was being served. Everything was displayed on several different buffets and guests were welcome to taste as they felt approrpiate. At the end of the evening each guest was given a booklet with receipes on each item we had at dinner this evening. I have to admit I have not tried to replicate any of them, but as i read through it again as i FINALLY finish this post, they all seem to be fairly to make. That evening was one of the more unique dining experiences I have ever had and consider it a pleasure to have met the staff at the art of entertaining

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skinny fat chick said...

I took a cooking class here a few years ago and it was pretty fun. A little expensive, but we got wine the whole time included in the price! I made a few of the recipes the next week when we went on vacation but I haven't used them much since. Fun place though.