Monday, August 4, 2008


as part of my pharmacy experiential rotations, i have been exiled to chillicothe for a month, similar to napoleon and elba. i don't have real internet access (ie. not blocked by va constraints) so blogging will be limited to weekends.

so sad.


Drew Vogel said...

Pharmacy student, eh? UC?

k said...

andrew! you know me - it's krissy reinstatler. i was at the pigall's dinner.

how's the new job?

Drew Vogel said...

Hi Krissy! OF COURSE I know who you are -- I just couldn't ID you from your tiny profile picture and your name on here -- "K" -- didn't answer the question either! I figured it was a UC pharmacy student, and am thrilled to find out it's you! Pigall's dinner was big fun, wasn't it?!

The new job is going well. I miss ya'll though!

k said...

pigall's dinner was marvelous!

we miss you, too! i'll bet orientation wasn't near as much fun this year! :)