Monday, April 21, 2008

we will take over the world

one of my ever-vigilant friends pointed out chicago is finally getting some decent restaurants - check out cinners.


valereee said...

I always wonder how cincinnati chili will go over with folks outside cincinnati. I tell people who are tasting it for the first time, "Forget about the whole 'chili' thing. Think of this as a greek-influenced sauce for spaghetti." Calling it chili makes them expect something way different from what they're getting.

k said...

most of my college friends who were transplants were initially repulsed by skyline, but then they grew to appreciate its brilliance during their 4 years here (and many late night food runs). when they come in town, that's where they always want to go. of course, then i've gone to other cities and had (real) chili, and been surprised by the taste, texture, and heat.

valereee said...

K, did you never have traditional chili as a kid?

I'm originally from Dayton, and my first experience with Cincinnati chili was in college. It became enough of a favorite for me that it was one of the dishes I never could quite give up when I was a vegetarian. Every once in a while I'd just have to get a 4-way. Though I do have to say, I fooled a lot folks with my Boca Crumbles Cincinnati chili.

When I have a big group over, Cincinnati chili is one of my go-to dishes. Feeds a crowd for not a lot of money and pretty much everyone likes it.

k said...

i never had traditional chili until i was in college. and i have to admit, the only thing i would eat at chili parlors when i was a kid was a wiener bun with cheese. i started eating coneys in high school.

i don't know if you've journeyed to the westside and had the veg chili at westside chili (on glenway). it's pretty good - i think they use tofu. i always get that instead of the meat. the boca crumbles in intriguing; i'll have to give that a try sometime.

you're right about cincy chili being a crowd pleaser; skyline dip is always the first app to go!

valereee said...

Wow, my folks served traditional chili at least a couple times a week all winter! I wonder if your never having had anything but Cinci Chili is a westside thing?

k said...

i'm not sure...maybe my parents didn't like chili?? our big winter foods were stew and goulash. i hated the stew because the turnips disguised themselves as potatoes. unpleasant surprise.