Saturday, April 19, 2008

its finished

well i finally finished the raised bed garden. only 3 trips to home depot and 2 weekends. not bad. i have images of this box being filled and green this summer. i read a book called square foot gardening -- you can learn more about this at this web page;

i, like krissy, have tried growing plants from seeds indoor this winter. i was hoping this would be more successful and seedlings would be all over my house. this was my first time at attempting to do something like this. previously i have purchased seedlings at the garden store, which have done quite well. my pepper plants seem to have done the best, my tomatoes are hit and miss, while the herbs have seen better days. i will likely end up supplementing my seedlings with store seedlings.

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valereee said...

Tomatoes get leggy fast indoors unless you have grow lights. If yours get leggy before you're ready to set them out, you can plant them sideways so that the entire stem is buried with dirt, with just the tops sticking out.

I generally end up buying tomato sets. I just don't have a good enough setup indoors. And I'm basically lazy.