Sunday, April 20, 2008

shameless plug

this has nothing to do with food, but i have to support my neighborhood and promote the westwood home tour, which is next sunday, april 27th. it starts at mercy high school (my alma mater) at 1pm and goes to 6pm. it is a beautiful time a year to see westwood. lots of trees blooming and tulips in abundance.
for more information, visit the westwood historical society.

you can by advance ticket vouchers at henke winery, which i suggest you pay a visit to anyway. a lot of their wines are from locally grown grapes, and you can taste 7 wines for a mere $5. joan and joe are great hosts and the pours tend to be generous; it's easy to get sloshed. (i don't believe in pouring the extra out after a sip - what a waste). give their pan seared cheese a try while you're at it.

good. i did manage to make this about food afterall.

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