Monday, April 28, 2008


OH MY GOD. saturday night i had the immense pleasure of dinner by jean-robert at pigall's. 6 courses. wine pairings. sweetbreads. i have no words to describe the delicacy and decadence of this incredible meal. the best thing about eating such fine food is that it makes everything about life seem wonderful and perfect (the wine probably doesn't hurt, either). and the food is so pretty, a harmony of colors and textures. i really wanted to take a photo of each course, but i felt kind of ridiculous whipping out my camera at such a classy establishment to photograph what i was eating. kind of like photographing a monet at the musee d'orsay.

the cocktail: plush pear martini

the menu:
duck confit and salmon with radish salad

cape scallops with avocado, celery root, pineapple and sorrel
-2006 verget chardonnay

braised sable fish with julienne vegetables, balsamic vinegar and tomato cream sauce (my favorite course)
-2006 las eymeries white bordeaux

sweetbreads with veal breast, petit basque, arugula, and dijon demiglace
-2004 domaine rocheville cotes du rhone

beef tenderloin (very rare) with creamy spinach, shiitake mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and bordelaise
-2005 chateau clos bourbon bordeaux

assortment of cheeses (with berry compote)
-taylor fladgate 10 year tawny port

assortment of pastries (a ginger cake with chocolate glaze/frosting)
-2005 domaine de barrubio muscat sec (my favorite wine)

like flying business elite, i now have been spoiled and may never enjoy regular food again...

although maybe not, because late that evening we made a stop at the wc steakhouse...


valereee said...

Okay, I was going to comment that it sounded like SO MUCH FOOD and then I saw you stopped on the way home at a steakhouse?!

k said...

sorry, the picture i had inserted didn't come through...the wc steakhouse is brian and my pet name for white castle :) it's our favorite late night "4th meal"

eating all those courses was i wasn't grossly full at all. each one was just a few bites.

valereee said...

Oh, I see the photo now! LOL!

I had a tasting menu at Daveed's this past summer. 20 courses! And we really weren't full at all -- each 'course' was just a bit of food. One bite-sized crabcake, etc.

k said...

20 courses!? awesome!!