Friday, April 18, 2008

i have a burpee catalog and i'm not afraid to use it

i think i have mentioned before that a few of my girlfriends have prodigious gardens planned for this summer. last year, beth had so many tomatoes we are still eating them. i felt it unfair that i continue to bum fresh produce without offering something in return, so this year i wanted to contribute. problem. i live in westwood. my backyard is roughly the same dimensions as one of my closets. to those of you unfamiliar with the charm of westwood victorians, i'll clue you in. that's small. but i persevered and opted to try herbs. utilizing the bible of burpee, i chose some common (parsley) and some interesting (purple ruffles basil) herbs. i also purchased the "ultimate growing tray" that guaranteed to "grow bigger and better seedlings every time". promising. however, a number of weeks in, my sprouts look rather anemic and seem to have mold growing on them. the ultimate growing tray did not say anything about mold. so, success still remains to be seen. i am hopeful that when i transfer the fledgling oregano, cilantro, etc. to the yard, they will suddenly, mystically, become...well, something edible. otherwise, sorry ladies, it looks like i will again be begging for vegetables and bringing nothing to the table.

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