Wednesday, April 9, 2008

tink's cafe

here is my review of tink's cafe in clifton as posted on

"i can hear what whoever reads this is going to say - you shouldn't have gotten the tofu. but i like tofu. it can be quite good if prepared a certain way. unfortunately, i was disappointed.

let me start by saying the atmosphere at tink's is great- sophisticated but casual. the service was also very friendly, although a little slow (we were on our way to a show at the playhouse and were late). for an appetizer, i had to have the fried green tomatoes, a particular favorite of mine, and they were great. the dressing and goat cheese garnish were the perfect complement. for the entre, i did order the tofu, but i can justify it. first, it was described, i believe, as cinnamon crusted. it was served with shredded and lightly fried beets, parsnips, and carrots. finally, it was promised to be tied together with a pumpkin cream sauce, which was at the very least intriguing. i imagined this flavorful, sweet and spicy, kind of moroccan inspired, light dish. what i got was flavored so subtly, it was bland. the best part was the fried beets/carrots/parsnips. the pumpkin sauce wasn't even as whimsical and wonderful as i had imagined. all around disappointing, especially after all the rave reviews i had heard.

i know, i know. i shouldn't have ordered the tofu."


valereee said...

I think you were very brave to order the tofu! I love tofu, too, and I would have been glad someone at the table was ordering it so I could have a taste, but I would have been too much of a wimp to order it myself.

What I really like is fried tofu in Thai curry.

Bianca said...

I haven't been to Tink's but it's been one of the places on my list since I found I'm a transplant to Cincinnati, so it was a good website to help me find all the cool things the locals probably all know well.

valereee said...

Ooooh, Space 513 is cool! I haven't been there before!