Friday, April 4, 2008

a tip for brownie goodness

brian loves brownies, so i am always looking for variations. this recipe i swiped from paula dean, who i don't watch too frequently. she's a little too sweetly southern, personality and cuisine. however, she is growing on me. she is a family sort of gal and uses a lot of butter, so i have been trying to give her a chance.

she did have an idea for incredible brownies, and they're so embarassingly simple...
here you go:
1)get your favorite brownie mix (that's right, people, i said MIX)- i like ghiradelli or the betty crocker with hershey's chips in it
2)mix it up according to package directions, and pour half in a 9x13 pan
3)top with favorite giant candy bar, such as toffee symphony bar or ghiradelli caramel
4)pour the rest of the brownie mix on top and bake according to package directions
5) get a gym membership to work off the calories from a whole 9x13 pan of brownies