Thursday, June 11, 2009

post graduation celebration: morton's

you may not realize this, but there are not a lot of restaurants open late-night (after 10pm) downtown on a tuesday. since i wasn't really feeling up to bootsy's after sweating in a polyester graduation gown for 4 hours, the fam and i headed up to morton's for their $5 bar bites.
i didn't get photos of everything; there were a lot of little plates floating around the table. but here are some highlights.

bleu cheese fries. the fries were just fine by themselves, but the bleu cheese takes the decadence up a notch. well-played.

bleu cheese and bacon can murder any healthy aspect of a salad. this twist on a classic wedge salad was cool and satisfying. the lettuce was very crisp and fresh. the crunch contrasted nicely with the gooey bleu cheese. i kind of wanted to lick the plate.

mini-food never gets old. so cute, so tiny. it's like you've eaten nothing at all, especially not a cheeseburger. i actually liked these more than the petit filet mignon sandwiches, which i felt had too high of a bun to meat ratio. the depressing part of the whole evening was that even though brian's and my food was a mere $15, our bill was over $50. the culprit? you guessed it. $13.50 champagne cocktails (fabulous, by the way) and a $5.50 miller lite. alcohol will get you every time.

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5chw4r7z said...

we're still trying to get to Morton's for their happy hour but I know the Nomerati has complained about the price of drinks at Mortons Happy Hour.
Guess we'll keep hitting Palomino's for $5 pizzas