Monday, June 29, 2009

ode to hudepohl

i have been catching up on my reading, and i saw this post from westender. while the post focuses on olympia and burger beers, at the end is a photo including hudy delight with the caption "just walk away". i must protest. while hudy delight does approximate the runoff from the bengals' locker room, generations of cincinnatians have chosen to include hudy in their gatherings, much like decrepit uncle milt.

to prove my point, here is a picture of my grandparents sometime in the 1950s.

notice anything?that's right, my grandparents are happily drunk out of their minds on hudepohl. what a great testament to the drinkability of hudy and the frivolity that ensues.


Veggie Option said...

Great photo of your grandparents!

We have lots of family photos similar to this one - with the additions of either Burger, Wiedemann or Schoenling bottles/cans on the table.


JKNEPFLE said...

Hudy out of a keg is a fine thing indeed!

My grandma used to call Schoenling "headache beer", but had no such harsh words for Hudy-pop.

WestEnder said...

For the record, "just walk away" refers only to Burger. The other beers are innocent bystanders (sort of). I've enjoyed many a Hudy in my time.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure 1950s Hudy is a world apart from 2009 Hudy. For one thing, it isn't made locally. For another, I'm pretty sure its matchmaking magic is a thing of the past, at least beyond the Brass Ass (I just wrote that to rhyme).

Story: an out-of-town friend visited me once and we were at a bar. He went to get a pitcher.

Me: What did you get
Friend: Hudy.
Me: What kind of Hudy?
Friend: (flummoxed by question) Hudy-POHL.

5chw4r7z said...

Just think, you might not be here if it wasn't for Hudy.
OR, it might be something you don't want to think about actually.

k said...

schwartz - dude, that's just gross

everyone else - glad there are happy memories of hudy all around. it is supposed to come back to cincy soon, along with burger, little kings, and moerlein. hurray!