Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one week in greece: a pictorial

brian and i had an absolutely beautiful time in greece last week. below are some of the tidbits we tried.
first actual, for real greek gyro in athens. note the french fries on the sandwich. also made with beef off a stick, not shaved veal/lamb.

greek salad in delphi


on santorini, the best tzatziki ever. ever. (at naoussa restaurant)

eggplant dip with pita

tomato keftedhes. meh.


kataifi. favorite greek dessert.

breakfast at our hotel. not real orange juice - more like tang.

wine tasting at canava roussos wines, the oldest winery on santorini.

sunset and sweets. the pistachio ball had some kind of delicious marzipan-like filling.


liz said...

ohhh... all the food looks amazing! i hope you guys had the best time. i am jealous!

Veggie Option said...

Welcome back - just in time for WestFest!

lauren said...

Saganaki is sooo delicious... and easy to make at home, if you enjoy setting your food on fire!

WestEnder said...

Pete Sampras and Mark Philippoussis are of greek descent. That doesn't have anything to do with this but I'm just telling you.