Wednesday, June 10, 2009

debbie meyer green bags

there has been some grumbling that i'm a little too silent. a few weeks ago a friend of mine bought a box of the debbie meyer green bags. they look similar to the bags in the produce department, a little thicker and well green. designed to "prolong the life of your fruits and vegetables. now i admit i'm curious, but i'm also cheap. so when i see 20 bags for $10 i figure its not really worth it. however, when someone else buys them and gives you one its a much better scenario. we decided to try them with bananas. it appears that the moisture is trapped in the bag, but i don't really know whats happening. they were ripe (just right) all week.

ok the website explains the background;

THE STORY BEHIND THE BAGS; Scientists involved in Antarctic exploration were searching for ways to prolong the freshness of produce. During their research, they found a region in Japan where for thousands of years farmers have been storing produce in mountain caves with amazing results. The caves were dark, consistently cool, and dry. But it was discovered that the key to the remarkable preserving properties of the caves was a clay called "oya," and the cave mountain was made of it. The oya absorbed the ethylene gas that produce gives off as it matures. Green Bags combine ancient knowledge thousands of years old with space age technology for preserving produce.

we have re-used it several times.....the site states that they can be used up to 10 times. i imagine we'll continue to use it until it stops working. we have only tried it with bananas. i don't know that if it stops working we will go out and spend $10 on them but if you see them real cheap or split the purchase with someone it could be something useful to have around the house.

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