Sunday, September 7, 2008

pizza, pizza!

little caesars has finally broken out of kmart! their exuberance is clear - outside the new location is this crazy kid dancing and singing on the sidewalk with a paperboard guitar. genius marketing.
brian and kevin went to pick up some 'hot-n-ready' pizza for the bengals game today. i haven't had little ceasars in years, mostly because i'm sure as hell not going to eat in kmart. the crazy bread was nice and drenched in butter and garlic. the pizza was flat, crunchy and actually not too bad. the addition of the spice pak, composed of various dehydrated and partially hydrogenated vegetables, added extra tastiness. most importantly, the pizza was neat to eat. a lack of dripping toppings and sauce made it easy for the guys to watch the game and check fantasy football standings on their respective laptops without any mishaps.
2 pizzas, crazy bread, and a 2-liter - all this for a mere $14. hurray for cheap pizza!

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Lewis said...

Crazy bread is addicting. Sooo good.

Now about that crazy guy out front. The rumor on the street is that this is his actual job. He has made a career out of going to new openings and acting like he's "hopped up on goofballs"

Long live the American Dream!