Monday, September 8, 2008

a brief history of chinese food and me

childhood: quebec gardens, the classy westside chinese place for fancy nights out with my parents, colored tissue paper in the fluorescent lights giving the room a soft glow. my biggest adventure was getting sweet and sour chicken instead of lemon chicken, which were really both just chicken fingers with different dipping sauces. quebec gardens has, unfortunately, long since gone the way of the dodo.

college: red pepper in clifton, frequently delivered to our pad on vine street. i still think it's the best chinese in cincinnati.

grad school/young professionalism: during this time, i did a brief stint in mt. lookout. i ate whatever chinese delivered or that someone recommended. still visited the red pepper regularly.

current: upon my return to the westside, tragedy struck. i was heart-broken to find no chinese delivery available in this particular zip code. which is why i eat pizza so much. i like wearing my pyjamas way too much to actually leave the house. plus anytime i have gotten take-out or eaten in westside style i have been sorely disappointed.

i had assumed for some time that grand china fit that same mold. i am happy to report, however, that i was pleasantly surprised to find it is actually quite delicious.
first of all, it's decorated super cute. next, the cocktails are served in super cute cups. i had the suffering bastard, cause let's face it, that is an awesome name for a drink. it was a mix of two rums, lime, and unidentified fruit juices. tasted pretty tart.
my favorite chinese junk food is those fried cream cheese puffs. dipped in some spicy mustard. yummy.

the shrimp kow was subtle and loaded with shrimp. sometimes places scrimp on the shrimp, but not grand china. and i really like water chestnuts. they kind of make me happy.brian had the cantonese beef chow mein, which he greatly enjoyed.the meal was finished off with fortune cookies, of course.

i used to save all my fortunes because i guess i had some dream of decoupaging a table or something with all of them. in retrospect, that probably would have been a little sisyphean. i did keep my favorite fortune ever though, which isn't as much a fortune as a philosophy. it's still on my bulletin board.

"the heart is wiser than the intellect"

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JKNEPFLE said...

I always figured it was mediocre too...go figure!

2 places to try:

1. In college I lived in apartments right at Queen City and Werk. I used to go to the Chinese place that had the mini-buffet next to J&J's. Dunno if it's still open, but it's worth a trip. I seem to remember their shrimp dishes were especially good - never overcooked.

2. Not chinese, but similar is Thai Taste over on Crookshank. They have a GREAT pad thai, and I really like the Pik Pow, too

Julie said...

Thai Taste is pretty darn good-- second that rec!

The FireProof said...
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The FireProof said...

Try Golden City. It is accross the street from Price Hill Chili on Glenway and it is fantastic.

k said...

thanks for all the tips! i always forget about thai taste until we're seated at some other restaurant. i've only been there once, and i had some tofu thing. it was good, but i'll have to check out the pad thai.

lasallemom said...

When you got to Thai Taste...don't forget to BYOB!! LOVE that place.

Anonymous said...

i had totally forgotten about quebec gardens--our family used to go there too! and my favorite was the lemon chicken...and checking out my chinese horoscope.


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