Friday, September 12, 2008

i wanna play, too

saw this on wine me, dine me, skinny fat chick, and food hussy today. i love reading these!

edit; i'm going to play too in blue.

Coke or Pepsi? one really good fountain coke a month. with good ice. diet coke. everyday.

Thick crust or thin for your Pizza? thin. although pan has it's place, usually in the dead of winter when i need to pack on blubber to stay warm. agreed.

Rare or Well Done for you steak? medium? definitely not rare, but definitely not well done either. i'm a medium-rare sort of girl - i began ordering this way when i kept getting over cooked medium meat.

Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? hamburgers. with cheese. although i do love hot dogs on the grill or at the ball game, the more mustard the better. i tend to do hamburgers as well.

Ketchup or Mustard on your hot dog? see previous. mustard. lots of it.

Cake or Pie? both. preferrably on the same plate. tough. i'm going to go with cake, but feel free to change my mind if its key lime pie.

Brownies with a fine, glossy crust, or soft cake brownies? glossy! agreed.

Nuts in the brownies? is there also caramel? i do love turtle brownies! plain and simple is the way to go.

Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? vanilla. vanilla with something, chocolate by itself.

Blue cheese or ranch dressing with your Buffalo wings? blue. the chunkier, the better. its a tie i really can't decide. i love them both.

Soup or Salad? salad. and again salad.

Butter on your Popcorn? do people eat it plain? i normally butter it up, but just this week i purchased plain popcorn (natural) and i'm going to give it a try. will report back.

Pork or Beef barbecue? pork. i think. i don't have much barbecue experience. pork.

Coffee or tea? tea. neither, diet coke.

Beer from a can or a bottle? bottle. i'm not in high school. i don't have a preference based on taste, but cans sure save more space. and cheaper.

Oreos or Hydrox? oreos!!! regular, double stuf, chocolate covered, in a parfait, in a blizzard, cookies 'n' cream well put.

Little Debbie or Hostess? little debbie - oatmeal cream pies, zebra cakes, swiss cake rolls, etc. although i do enjoy every one of the 27 grams of fat in the hostess cherry pie. swiss cake rolls every time.

Bacon or Sausage? bacon. very crispy. (obviously, i have something against lightly cooked meat) i like me some crispy bacon as well.

Eggs Scrambled or Fried? if i have to eat eggs, like if i had absolutely nothing else in the house and i was somehow incapacitated to neither be able to drive nor walk to a store but could somehow still use the stove, i would say scrambled. hopefully i also find some moldy cheese in the back of the fridge i can grate on top. the only egg i will eat has to be hard boiled, so the answer is neither.

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