Saturday, September 27, 2008

jim dandy's

so continue on the bbq theme, i had jim dandy's for the first time. yes i had the opportunity to try it at the contest and no i didn't. at any rate we went last friday night for dinner. we were debating between burbanks and jim dandys so i decided we should go to the one that we haven't tried.

we walked in and walked up the counter. i ordered the brisket and pulled pork with their hot sauce. i also got 2 sides which were the red beans and rice and macaroni and cheese (of course). it was all topped off with a nice piece of corn bread. eric had the pulled pork sandwich (hot sauce) and the reds beans and rice and cole slaw. the sauce was wonderful. in fact a little hotter than i had expected. i like things with heat and this came with heat. the meats were both juicy and tender. i preferred the pulled pork but the brisket was also good. while eating you could see the cooks taking the meat out of the smoker. the staff were very friendly and helpful. although its mostly a self service restaurant, there is always someone available to ask a question if need be. they have a drive through option if you would prefer to carry out. you could not leave that restaurant hungry. they also serve some beer/wine and dessert which we did not have. the total of the meal came to about $20. for food that is that tasty and affordable i can say that we will be returning.

sorry no pics.

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