Monday, July 28, 2008

we ate it, might as well rate it

one particularly blistering sunday afternoon brian and i left the reds game early. they were losing, sweat was pooling under my sunglasses as well as everywhere else, and we were hungry. so even though it breaks burger rule number 1, this is a review of rock bottom brewery's burgers.

first, we shared an appetizer, the asiago cheese dip with beer bread. i have always enjoyed consuming the hundreds of calories this starter provides.
on to the main event - brian had just a plain cheeseburger (not pictured) and i had the bourbonzola burger, blossoming with fried onions, gorgonzola cheese, and jim beam bbq sauce. this is far from the realm of things i would normally order, but it just sounded good. add about another thousand calories to the running total.
like i said, normally i would not order anything with bbq sauce, but this was actually pretty good. sweet and tangy sauce, flavorful cheese. an overall satisfying combination of flavors. brian said his burger didn't have much taste as a sandwich, even though the meat itself was good. the bun was unusual; very starchy and dense. this was both a pro and a con, as it stood up well to the burger and didn't disintegrate as some buns are wont to do, but it was very filling. we averaged our rating out to be a 3.5. acceptable, and will do in a burger-craving pinch.
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