Sunday, July 13, 2008


i've been slacking a bit, and the hamburgers have been piling up.

the first is honey in northside. the way i understand it, the restaurant is named honey because the owners call each other 'honey'. which is really pretty sweet.
their patio is a pleasant place to wile away the afternoon, enjoying a bottle of pinot grigio. i had a grilled asian pork burger with spicy mustard. it was probably the pinkest burger i've ever eaten. it was tender and thick and quite delicious. however, as much as i love mustard, the burger was fairly lathered and it overpowered the flavor of the meat. while it was a good sandwich, i probably would not order it again. too spicy - made my nose run. overall, the burger gets a 4.

the real star of the meal were the honey fries, which were a mix of sweet, yukon, and idaho potatoes with chili lime honey for dipping. good saltiness. really fantastic.

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Solipsista said...

are you people food elitists or chefs or just plain people with a lot of gluttony?

Julie Niesen said...

K, your first mean comment! you're a real blogger now. ;)

Seriously, though, Honey is great. I haven't been there since last November (Mom and I went there for my birthday), but their food is great and I could make a meal of the honey fries alone. I'll have to try their burger next time!

k said...

solipsista: us people are choice d) 2 of the above, although i hardly think a burger and fries constitutes a sin, so i will assume you are using hyperbole. you also forgot to mention snobby and smug.

julie: baptism on the blog-o-sphere! fantastic ;)
you are right, honey is pretty great and i look forward to going for dinner sometime.