Thursday, July 17, 2008


luckily this burger review was a consensus from three prolific burger consumers - my husband, his friend kevin, and ramon. i was going to order a burger, but i never can quite resist arthur's turkey mushroom grill (sans mayo, of course. gotta watch that figure).

here's the contender, arthur's burger in miscellaneous incarnations:

i thought the black and bleu looked particularly amazing. seeing this pictures now, i think brian and kevin got the same thing. also, seeing them lined up like this, there is a definite disparity in the amount of fries on each plate. (hmmm....racist fry distribution?)

all three panelists agreed the burgers were over-cooked from the requested 'medium'. ramon said he would like the patty to be flatter. it was a good amount of meat, but the love needed to be spread around to be easily bite-able. kevin commented that the beef had good flavor. brian said nothing. his mouth was full.

overall, the boys agreed on a 4.8. kevin was willing to go higher, but detracted points for our mediocre service, a rarity at arthur's.

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lauren said...

The boursin burger. With bacon. Works every time. Arthur's burgers are drip-down-your-arm greasy and are rarely cooked how you order them, but they really are delicious.

WestEnder said...

Arthur's has good burgers. I like them very much.

liz said...

yay for arthur's! they do always overcook their burgers though, i agree. but you can't argue with the price (at least sun-tues)