Sunday, July 13, 2008

burgers and a movie

my husband and i go to the movies almost every weekend. we've seen some good ones and we've seen some...let's say 'disappointing' ones.

nearby the western hills showcase cinema is abby's pub and grill. we can frequently be found on their deck, enjoying miller lite and margaritas. this time, however, we were all business. there are burgers to be rated.
abby's dishes are mostly named for cincinnati high school sports teams, so their burger is called the bomber, after st. x. i have many fond memories of football games at st. x. my first boyfriend was a bomber, and yes, i wore his jacket and we cuddled in the stands during every home game (obviously, he didn't play football. he was a soccer player). but i digress. back to burgers.

the bomber is very thick and hearty, and was definitely cooked according to specifications. juicy, too, as a burger needs to be dripping down your arm to be really a good meal. there are a variety of cheeses available, including monterey jack, and you have a choice of rye bread (which maybe should be toasted) or a bun. the tomato and lettuce were fresh and the fries crisp. despite all these great attributes, the meat itself lacked any complex flavor, meriting a score of 4.
the burgers did score higher than the movie.

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JKNEPFLE said...

In general, how is Abby's? I've never been, but for some reason I feel like it's not going to be worth my time. Is it worth checking out?

k said...

j- abby's actually isn't too bad. since we kind of exclude friday's, applebee's, etc from our eating repetoire, it limits our choices close to home. we started going because friends of ours worked there. it's pretty straightforward stuff- burgers, sandwiches, taco salad. they have a veggie burger on the menu, which i appreciate when i need something lighter. there are also some decent appetizers, including a jalapeno stuffed pretzel with super fatty from-a-can dipping cheese. lots of fried things. it's worth one visit i think. (much better than diane's!) it's usually pretty crowded, so they must be doing something right. don't get the buffalo chicken wrap, though.

if you go, let me know what you think.

JKNEPFLE said...

We'll have to give it a try! Lately we've been going to The Holy Grail for that kinda food, but I think it's probably time for a change. Thanks for the tip!

Now, I'm trying to see if anyone has been to Vitor's Bistro lately and what it's like since all the turmoil. I'm still upset about Rondo's leaving the west side. :(

k said...

we ordered take out from vitor's for lunch a couple weeks back (a special work treat). when we got there to pick it up, they didn't have it ready. i think it took over an hour and a half. the food was delicious, however. i haven't been there for dinner.
i wish something fabulous would go into rondo's space! we need it!