Thursday, June 26, 2008

gossip girl

i hope someone can either confirm or deny this next tidbit....
sometime last year, a new restaurant, j's place, bought a building on glenway ave. and opened up for business. a small little corner of that building was being rented by coconut joe's, a seasonal ice cream stand. apparently an agreement was made between j's and coconut joe's that joe's could continue to operate. so joe's continued to pay rent all winter, while they were closed to business. when spring came, word on the street is that j's told joe's that they were not going to renew the lease after all.

to me, that seems...not nice. unethical somehow. until i hear a different version of the story, i am disinclined to patronize j's place.


JKNEPFLE said...

Not to spread more gossip, but I happen to know one of the owners. Here's what he says:

"The premise is true, but it was actually Sue Vilosi (she and her husband Alex) who own Sabastians Greek Resturant who screwed us over on the 8 months of rent money and renegged on our contract. She had done this before and knew the neuances of the law better than my partner and I. Jamie (Jay's place) told us to get our crappy old equipment out of "Her" new ice cream shop, "cause I's gonna take yo' business and take yo' customers and they's not a thing you can do 'bout it." We would have been happy to leave in September and relocate, but we were not given the time nor the warning, just lies to continue to pay rent. This all happened 2 days before we opened...we had all of our liceneces and inspections done to open for the year. It just went down BAD.
So, as a result Coconut Joe's will live at the West Side street fest, Harvest Home Festival, Oak Hills Festival, CIncinnati Steam Games and Elder Games, but that is all. We will also find a new place for those tasty Greek gyros.
Thanks and spread the word."

Bummer...I always liked Sebastians!

k said...

that is really more than disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gossip, I was told last night that Chanaka, the owner of the Fish House, Teak & The Celestial has bought Longworth's in Mt Adams. Anyone else heard this?

k said...

had not heard that...but that's an interesting development