Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my blueberry heaven

despite appearances, these are no mere twigs. these are my new project, raspberry and blueberry bushes. i envisioned joyful mouths stuffed with berry sweetness, fingers stained blue and red. pies, jams, compote, martinis. unfortunately, i have twigs. although they promise to one day yield 8 lbs of fruit each, i don't see any blueberry cobbler in my future. one day, they will be beautiful bushes and i will be able to enjoy a fresh berry smoothie as i hose technicolor bird poo off my car. one day.

a girl can dream, can't she?


valereee said...

I love berries! I wish I'd planted berry bushes twelve years ago when we moved in, and every year I think, "I should do that this year."

Cin Twin1 said...

Do blueberries have seeds? My hubby and I were at Findley last weekend, and a booth had blueberries at a great price. He swears the last time we bought them they had seeds...is he mistaking them for blackberries possible? Good luck on your project!

k said...

blueberries don't normally have seeds, as far as i know. but i can tell you, i was at findlay this past weekend and there were some table grapes that look a hell of a lot like blueberries. i am not sure if they have seeds or not, but if they do, that may be what your husband is thinking of.