Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cheesemaking, part three...day three

today i arrived home from work at 7:14 pm to deal with the huge pot of whey. we opted to mix the whey from both the 2% and whole milk to make just a massive mountain of ricotta. upon examination, i found the whey, which i had left to acidify on my stovetop, to have a vaguely greenish pallor and a not-so-fresh smell (dracula cheese?). i started the heating process. fankhauser says to heat it to near boiling, or 220 degrees. when it reached 197, there were large bubbles beginning to burst in the center, so i stopped, covered, and removed from heat. i thought it would be better not to push it to the higher temperature. my thermometer is also not the most reliable.

this proved to be the wrong decision, i guess. after 3 hours of resting, undisturbed, on the counter, the mixture had achieved a 'comfortable' temperature. (cheesemaking, at least in this experience, requires A LOT of waiting. we will have to investigate the 30 minute kit jknepfle suggested in the future) i tried to gently remove the curds that had formed, only to discover there were hardly any. what i saw on the surface was all there was. i drained it over cheesecloth anyway, but, alas, lasagna with homemade ricotta was not in the cards. maybe next time.

i sent a text to beth at quarter after eleven - 'ricotta: abysmal failure'.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that the cheesemaking experience did not quite turn out. Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised, but you know I always applaude your efforts:)
Love, CL

Dallas Willcox said...

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