Monday, June 23, 2008

chez nora

i know i am getting old because i seriously considered bringing an umbrella to a bachelorette party on saturday night. these days, 'be prepared' is not just a girl scout motto - i can take on the world armed with my umbrella and a cardigan sweater. pretty soon you will see me sporting a plastic kerchief with colorful daisies, tied under my chin in the same style as my great grandmother.
for the bachelorette dinner, we went to chez nora. i enjoyed a glass of rancho zabaco zinfandel while perusing the menu. beth must have been affected by the full moon, because she drank white zinfandel. we shared a starter. i have to compliment the dip sampler appetizer. what a great idea. four kinds of dip and two kinds of dippers? fantastic.
for the main course, i had the turkey and brie sandwich. it was really delicious. the turkey was thick and browned before being topped with brie. no slimy lunchmeat here! as alyssa put it, i was trying to be virtuous by ordering vegetables instead of fries. this was a bad decision. i suffered from potato envy. also envy of the mini-muffin that came with alyssa's salad. ellen had her staple, the chicken sandwich, while beth indulged in the philly steak.

there were quite a few tasty looking entrees on the table, but i thought it would be mildly obnoxious to ask 20 people, most of whom just met me, if i could photograph their food.

i found a new friend with a sweet-tooth who was easily convinced to split the turtle cheesecake. caramel is one of my favorite things. and yes, i am from the westside, so i pronounce it 'car-mel'. at least i don't spell wash with an 'r' like some members of my family.

the evening continued with much debauchery and drinking for our bachelorette. many shots were consumed, and she was appropriately verschnickered. i was home, in bed, by midnight. even without the umbrella, i'm getting old.
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Cin Twin1 said...

Love Red Zinfadel! Had to compliment you on your good taste! The only time I have been to Chez Nora is for brunch but that food looked good. Have you been to the roof?

k said...

cintwin- i have wanted to go for brunch- is it worthwhile?
how is the roof? did not make it up there...

glad we share the same good taste ;)

valereee said...

I'm from Dayton, and I pronounce caramel 'car-mel' too. Do you think I should be pronouncing it 'cair-a-mel' since I'm living in Montgomery? I'll have to see how my neighbors are pronouncing it. Hm, how can I set up a test?

k said...

be careful about using 'car-mel' in montgomery. next thing you know, your neighbors are going to start trying to ward you off with garlic and crucifixes.

i wonder if there is a way to devise a test...