Friday, December 5, 2008

walt's: the short story

to bribe brian to go with me to northgate mall i suggested we eat at walt's barbeque. it was kind of an off time, around 4pm, so the only people in the restaurant were us (my mom, too) and some old lady with a bib and huge tin plate.
i ordered the brisket with a side of mac and cheese, and brian the pulled pork and fries. both were very tender and had decent flavor. i thought the brisket had a better taste than the pork. the sauces were ok, each sampled on a piece of brisket. but really i prefer meat plain. i think it's a better testament to the smoking if the meat can stand alone. (really, i'm just making this up as i go. feel free to call bullshit. i just started eating barbeque this summer.) while i appreciated walt's, it paled in comparison to double d's and the other meats we tried at jim dandy's barbeque competition. and i don't think i'd get a sandwich again. too much starchy bread.
speaking of starchy, the fries fell into that category as well, and they were kind of cold.
actually, all the sides were disappointing. the mac and cheese was thick and sticky, with cheese the consistency of velveeta. my mom deemed the cole slaw mediocre (although she wanted me to note she has a cold and her taste might be off).
the highlights of the meal were the friendly service and the sweet tea, something i rarely order but was quite delicious. i also enjoyed my banana pudding with vanilla wafers, a underrated dessert i feel should put in an appearance on more menus.
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liz said...

oh no, i am so sad you guys didn't love walt's! i am obsessed but i always get the following combo: ribs, greens, and baked beans. i think all of these are made to perfection at walt's. i have never tried the brisket, pulled pork, or fries, and i was unimpressed w/ the macaroni and cheese the last time i tried it. i think you guys should give it one more try for the ribs.

k said...

we will definitely have to go back for the ribs. and the greens and baked beans.

ruby428 said...

I just found your blog when i tried to look up reviews for bella luna and now i'm addicted to it! I hate montgomery inn and just read your review of walt's and couldn't agree more. The macaroni and cheese is so terrible and their sauce is way to sweet. If you want really amazing bbq with really good sides go to Pit to Plate in Mt Healthy. The meat is well made and the sides are amazing (mac n cheese and the greens are my fav!)