Friday, December 19, 2008

kroger sushi

a bit of an oxymoron, yes. disgusting, no.

i was actually quite pleased when brian and i popped into the new fresh fare kroger in kenwood (its proximity to crate and barrel made it an easy stop) and saw they had decent looking sushi, 12 rolls for about $6. they offer white rice, 15 grain, and brown rice. we got the brown rice california rolls and spicy variety pack, which included tuna, salmon, and shrimp(?). a quick trip to the 'international' aisle and we picked up ginger and wasabi. they do come in the plastic container of sushi, but looked a little anemic.
it definitely wasn't the best sushi i've had. the rice was slightly mushy and some of the rolls kind of fell apart while being dipped in tamari. however, the flavor was acceptable and it was an easy dinner at a hectic time of year.

my cat, hemlock, wanted to join us.


Heather said...

biggs sushi is awful - but fresh market sushi is good

liberal foodie said...

joan= best sushi in town. it's obviously not 12 rolls for $6 but still worth it.

now I want some sushi