Sunday, December 28, 2008

dairy queen

i made my yearly visit to dairy queen on sunday. every year around christmas i make the trek up north (east) to visit my grandfather. he's 95-ish and loves going to dairy queen. dairy queen normally is one of the last places i want to eat food. i guess i never really consider it a fast food place option. well today was no different. i hadn't really considered what i was going to get until i get there. grandpa always orders a sloppy joe and a strawberry milkshake. the sloppy joe actually looked pretty good and i assume it has to be as he orders it every time. i went with the simple cheeseburger. they asked me what toppings i wanted (tomato, lettuce and onion for me) and had it out fairly quickly. the burger was a patty much like you would get on a mcdonald's cheeseburger. the toppings were much fresher. the bun quite a bit thicker (sesame) than mcdonald's but not in a bad way. the fries were not that good. i love me some french fries (anywhere) and i was a little disappointed, but also didn't have my expectations too high either. they tasted as if they had been deep fried with some fish. as someone who doesn't like fish, that isn't very appetizing. after finishing my meal i was watching grandpa finish his shake and with some deliberation i also ordered a M&M flurry. my favorite. despite being december completely hit the spot. all in all it was a satisfying lunch. i can say i will return again, probably around this time next year.


5chw4r7z said...

My dad loved DQ and when little we went every Friday. I got a hot dog and when we'd walk in the door, they throw a fish in the fryer for dad. Funny they had our order memorized.
I still daydream about the peanut butter parfait once in awhile.

Blogger said...

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