Thursday, December 18, 2008

the happiest place on earth at the most wonderful time of year

don't be jealous. last week i went to orlando for a meeting. such is the ultra-glamorous life of a pharmd candidate. i hobbed. i nobbed. i networked like mad. i also spent a day at disneyworld.

disneyworld reduces me from my normal 14 year old mentality down to about an 8 year old. i love princesses and princes and singing crickets and happily ever after. you know what i don't like? paying a crapload of money for mediocre food.

i swear that in one of the upper towers of cinderella's castle there is a think tank of disney imagineers locked away whose sole purpose is to innovate new products to mold into mouse ears. example:i bought these because at the end of our whirlwind tour of magic kingdom, epcot, and hollywood studios, i was quite hungry, and even mouse-shaped coconut sounded good.

but i am not basing my statement about mediocre food on some sugar-charged coconut candy. for breakfast before hitting the parks, we went to spoodles, which promised "a trip around the mediterranean sea with an eclectic menu featuring coastal cuisine favorites from such locales as greece, italy, spain and north africa". sounds pretty amazing, right? the warm atmosphere was promising, with a shining, inviting open-kitchen.

my smoked ham and cheddar frittata was bland and dry, but ok (cheese obscures all manners of sin). i asked for extra crispy bacon, but it was floppy and fatty (and $3.29). my bellini was routine. the service was terrible. our server was nice enough, but the food took FOREVER. i don't mind waiting if i'm presented with something worth my wait. unfortunately i was not. and, as expected, it was expensive for what it was.

the other girls sampled the breakfast flatbread and the belgian waffle (is that mediterranean?)i guess i just expected higher caliber food and service from someplace that promises a magical day.
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