Thursday, October 30, 2008


when i was a kid we trick-or-treated every year with family friends. at the end of the night, all of us would dump our take on the family room floor and commence an intense, illogical barter, a monetary system where 4 packages of necco wafers and 5 pennies taped together by the old lady on the corner equalled one milky way (perhaps this would be an alternative to the government bail-out??). there were definitely candies to be coveted, sweets to be swapped, and the inevitable toothbrush to be tossed.

here are my top 5 confections to keep:
-kit kats
-reese cups
-mounds bars
-pixie sticks (or fun dip. any flavored sugar will do)
-smarties (gross, right? love 'em)

and the top 5 to pawn off on someone:
-bazooka joe
-lemon sweet tarts
-mary janes
-bit o' honey
-honorable mention: the handful of ritz crackers from the recently immigrated family who had not been informed about halloween.

so, what are your favorite and least favorite halloween treats? and what are you giving out this year?

one last comment - i loved dressing up for halloween. my favorite outfit ever was probably when i was scarlett o'hara, hoop skirt and all. when did kids stop trying? carrying a pillowcase and coming to my porch does not mean you are wearing a costume!


liz said...

i'm giving out snickers, skittles, and m&ms. it was some kind of fun pack mix they had at target. i was considering little bags of chips, since i used to love getting that, but the candy was way cheaper.

my favorites used to be reese's peanut butter cups, junior mints, snickers, and of course chips. i always used to try to get rid of those pink and black licorice things (i forget what they are called), smarties, and anything willy wonka (jawbreakers and all that crap). oh yeah and those weird colored sugar dots stuck to white paper. yuck.

Veggie Option said...

I love Halloween too. My favorite costume (as an adult) was a Cruella deVille costume that my mom, aunt and I created a few years ago. It won several 1st prizes that year.

My favorite costume as a kid was a lion (Mom and my Aunt Eileen made it for me) when I was around 8 years old.. I called myself "Pounce de Lion" and told everyone that I was searching for the fountain of youth, but I'd settle for candy. Gawd, I was SUCH a little history-geek child.

Favorite candies to receive:
Snickers, York Peppermint Patties, 100Grand bars, pixie stix, lemonheads, black licorice (hardly anyone ever gave out black licorice, usually it was that vile red stuff). Oh, and I LOVED the paraffin lips/teeth. I could chew on them for HOURS.
The candy I swapped asap:
Almond Joy, Mounds, Bazooka Joe, Mary Janes, Butterfingers, and Chic-O-Stix.

5chw4r7z said...

Back when we lived in a house, kids would walk up and grunt at me. I wouldn't give them candy until they said in a clear voice "trick or treat" Sometimes they'd need three trys, you would think I was murdering them the protest some put up.
My nieces always save me their M&M with peanuts, thats my favorite.

lauren said...

Ooooh, fun!!

Favorite costume: I went as a dice. I'm talking the full-on cardboard box, covered in white paper and painted with dice dots on them. With holes for the arms.

Favoite candy: Almond Joy, the mini Hersheys, M&Ms, Snickers and Milky Way. I have a thing for chocolate.

Least favorite: Circus peanuts, licorice, Dots, Good-N-Plentys (the pink and black things Liz referenced, perhaps?) and anything that required sucking.

skinny fat chick said...

awesome topic!

I got a sweet Reese's mix that includes Reeses pieces and Reeses sticks (I love my peanut butter). I am also passing out Sour Patch kids, Swedish Fish, and Nerds. But I really only choose the good candy so I will have good leftovers!

Kiddie Faves: Kit Kats and Butterfinger

Worst: Whatever it was that was wrapped in the orange and black wax paper