Saturday, October 11, 2008


today we went to rudy's bbq mentioned here earlier this month. we're in new mexico right now. unfortunately they are having a wind storm/thunderstorms right now so no balloon fiesta for us. i'm actually quite disappointed seeing that this is the main reason we are out here. yet another case of hurricane winds in a state not near any water this year for me. hope that tomorrow is better.......

so the food is ordered cafeteria order your sides (hot or cold) and then your meat by the pound. we went with the moist brisket. the other alternative is the lean, but honestly its just not as good. out sides were the pinto beans and the creamed corn. normally i'm not a creamed corn kinda person, but let me tell you that this it the best stuff i have ever had. the meat is wrapped up and you're given a stack of loaf bread and 2 pieces of wax paper to eat it on. once at your table the sauces are available.

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k said...

i can't believe you missed the balloons! that sucks!

at least you got bbq.