Wednesday, October 22, 2008


beth, eric, brian and i met up at blondie's saturday.

my first question was, is this menu copyright infringement?
let's assume not.

luckily, there was no live music. in the past, conversation has been rendered impossible by an acoustic singer/songwriter type outfitted with an excessively loud microphone.

i think this place caters to a different crowd later in the evening so it was pretty quiet when we were there. yet another sign that i'm aging here is that i like to go places early and it to be quiet.......

we got our server to find the texas game on one of the tvs, and bonus...buckets of miller lite are $10 on saturday nights. score!

i want to say that the last time we were all there they had very affordable other drinks as well. i wouldn't go expecting a wine list.

our appetizer was the greek dip, a refreshing combination of feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. fried pita was the perfect dipper. look at that grease soaking into the wax paper!

the four of us have actually ordered this a few times and each time its a bit different but always tasty. the fried pita is the usual constant.

for dinner i choose the mushroom and swiss burger with a side of onion rings. onion rings are not the usual accompaniment for me, but these were good and hit the spot. there was minimal sliding of a slippery onion out of its fried skin. my burger had the promised mushroom and swiss, plus some gravy. the meat itself was a bit dry, but tasty. overall, the sandwich rates a 4. not exciting, but not entirely bland either. i'm also a sucker for mushrooms. and cheese. glorious cheese. i had slight food envy when i caught a glimpse of beth's gyro. the gyro was quite good. this isn't a place where you would expect to find a tasty gyro. it had a nice amount of feta cheese, olives (which i don't really prefer, but they are easy to pick off) tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. the sauce was on the side. it was a good sized gyro too. meat was tender and sliced nice and thin. i would order this again.

overall, this was one of the cheapest nights out we've had in awhile. the bar wasn't too crowded, so we had great service and the buckets of beer kept coming.

blondies is located on northbend in monfort heights across the street from the krogers. i remember year ago this place used to be a fantastic sam's where i got my hair cut.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Terry's Turf Club? It's on Eastern Avenue - by far the best burger in town. You will not be dissappointed! Go at an off time or be prepared to wait.

k said...

i have heard that they have fabulous burgers, and i have been meaning to go.
thanks for the recommendation!