Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pho food - mini review

jenn and i decided to try cilantro on clifton ave. yesterday for lunch. it was my first foray into vietnamese food. i asked the server about the different alternatives, and opted for the pho with thin rare beef. it was pretty delicious and i liked the sidecar of cilantro, basil and bean sprouts to add at my discretion. the saltiness of the broth was just to my liking and i finished almost my whole bowl, which was a huge portion. lots of noodles. i thought for sure i would not be hungry for dinner, but of course i was. jenn got the vermicelli bowl with veggies and tofu. she said she wished she had ordered one of the soups instead because it ended up being too many noodles when she ran out of veggies and tofu.
the price for my pho and the lime drink (which i don't recall the name of) was great - only $9.28+tip. for such a large meal, it was definitely a deal.
by no means am i an expert on vietnamese food, but i absolutely liked it enough to go back again.

any other suggestions for vietnamese in cincy?
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WestEnder said...

Haven't been to Cilantro in a couple years, but it was good last time. My suggestion: go in the winter, it's twice as good.

liz said...

song long = very delicious and the only other vietnamese place i know of in cincinnati

Matthew said...

Chopsticks in West Chester right off the Tylersville exit is excellent vietnamese. I also second the song long recommendation. Love the pho.

5chw4r7z said...

I hit Cilantro for the first time a couple weeks ago with Kate the Great.
She got a soup and I got one of the stir fry type things, can't remember the names.