Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wal-mart wine?

people who pay attention more than me have probably heard this, but i was appalled to learn on my drive to work this morning that wal-mart is producing its own wine with the assistance of ernest and julio gallo. the goal is to produce inexpensive, accessible wine for the masses. price point of $2-$5/bottle.

my initial reaction to this is revulsion. i must ask myself, why? is it my innate loathing for the evil empire of wal-mart? my wonderment at the reasoning behind having to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator? worry that it might actually be palatable?

and what's wrong with them just carrying some two buck chuck?


WestEnder said...

or they could just skip the hassle and stock Wild Irish Rose.

Jen said...

It's not palatable. I bought some of the pinot grigio to use to cook with, and it wasn't even good to cook with. I should have splurged for a $6 bottle!