Saturday, March 22, 2008

a quick note

just wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite finds - dagoba organic chocolate. heard about it on the food network awhile ago, and thought about ordering from the website, but the quantity requirements put me off.
where might a vigilant westsider find said chocolate? world market carries a few varieties. the rich dark, at 74% cacao, will just about murder you and the lavendar blueberry is a good way.

check it out at


Anonymous said...

Jungle Jims and Fresh Market carry some varieties of Dagoba, I believe.

k said...

thanks for the info! i don't get out to jungle jim's as much as i would like. if i stray too far from a 10 mile radius of western hills plaza, my ankle bracelet goes off. :)

Julie said...

Former West Sider here. You can escape!

Dagoba is made by Hershey's, so it's getting a wider distribution. Try Bigg's-- they generally have a good chocolate selection.

If I'm doing World Market chocolate, I love the Lindt varieties they have-- which are now being carried at Kroger. They also have a chocolate with pink peppercorns-- no idea who makes it, but surprisingly good.

k said...

the pink peppercorns sound amazing! thanks for the tip. i also love lindt.

i didn't know hershey's made dagoba...i can't decide if that is good (distribution) or depressing (damn the man!).

i also have seen green and black's more widely distributed.

side note about chocolate being made by weird affiliates - i used to work for a candy company, and my boss told me godiva is made by campbell's soup. crazy.