Tuesday, March 25, 2008

monkey picked oolong

yesterday brian and i drove 18 hours with a geriatric (and may i add, flatulent) dog in the back seat to see my sister in colorado springs. oscar, the dog, really belongs to michelle, my sister, and now that she is settled, we were delivering oscar to his new home. i can say nothing more about the drive except now i know what purgatory will be like. the last 60 miles was on the longest, darkest road ever, in a car filled with stale dog breath.
colorado springs is a town of urban sprawl full of hippies and military personnel. michelle has her milk delivered weekly by royal crest dairy, a local antibiotic, growth hormone free dairy. they have a milk called royal rich, a step above whole milk. i am looking forward to trying it after the delivery later this week.

michelle has also become a tea snob during her time in colorado, her current indulgence being monkey picked oolong. apparently monkeys can get at the younger leaves higher in the trees, which enhances the flavor of the tea. buddist monks once trained monkeys just for this purpose. michelle also has silver needle tea, which is supposed to be the rarest tea in the world. it can only be harvested two days out of the year. the monkey picked oolong was pretty exceptional stuff, not bitter or overstated. and i used to think celestial seasonings was the height of sophistication.
my favorite, which i have at home, is a mixture of dragon perles and rooibos tropica. it is a more fruity, flowery tasting tea and really good in a huge cup to keep me focused while studying.
for more on tea passionately picked by primates, visit http://www.teavava.com
you can also get lots of fun tea accessories.

i would like to add, for dinner tonight we had grilled bison. not being a real red meat eater, i tried it more for the experience than enjoyment. it was similar to free range beef. brian practically licked his plate clean.

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