Saturday, March 22, 2008


the husband and i went to frisch's for lunch today, as i won free big boys in a coworker's fundraising raffle. there is one main thing i love about frisch's - today i went in there wearing an air force pt shirt, tan corduroys, my hair completely unkept (it's saturday, at the end of exam week, for god's sake) and NO ONE batted an eye. fabulous! i do have nostalgia for the days when the servers wore the orange and brown jumpers with the dark suntan stockings. whatever happened to those uniforms? did hooters sue for copyright infringement over those suntan stockings? who can say.
tartar sauce is the one trick wonder of the condiment world. i am certain the only place it is acceptable and delicious is at the big boy, where you can feel free to slather it on anything from beef to fish to fried potatoes. i actually sent some last lent to my italian penpal, susanna (without going into too much detail, we were matched up by a penpal service when we were 16 and have been writing ever since). i am pretty sure she was horrified and probably thinks american food is ridiculously disgusting, but was too polite to say more than she found the tartar sauce 'interesting'. i feel kind of bad about it, because right after that she sent me this italian seasoning which is amazing, salamoia bolognese.
a trip to frisch's is only done rightly if finished with a hot fudge cake. the cherry being the best part, of course.


Anonymous said...

i love frisch's--it is still one of my favorite things to get when i visit cincinnati! my meal...vegetable soup, big boy and hot fudge sundae.

love your fledgling blog...maria

Leo said...

i am a frisch's fan as well, although i couldn't tell you if they sell something other than a big boy, fries and a cherry coke. i go to lunch at frisch's nearly once a week... not so much because i am a frisch's fanatic. actually, my son and i meet my parents there; it's on their retired people's list of favorite local eateries or something. i think my son will always remember the lunches we have with my parents... i think oftentimes things beyond one's own palate create a connection not understood by "objective" food critic.