Saturday, June 5, 2010

an investigation: what the hell is in my refrigeratror?

warning: for those who do not appreciate inane commentary on mundane saturday afternoon activities, stop reading now.

my refrigerator confuses beth. i think mostly because, she sees, as i do, there isn't a lot of food in it that qualifies as something i would eat. it's literally bursting at the seams, with food sliding onto the floor when the door is opened, and yet i can never find anything to eat. so today i set out to explore the question of what is filling my refrigerator, paper towels and fantastick in hand.
of course we have some commonplace staples: lunchmeat, fruits and veggies, eggs, orange juice, butter, minced garlic. lots of beer and wine shoved in any available space. i started grouping all the extras in categories and i discovered:
as previously discussed at length, i have sort of an obsession with mustard. i can easily justify 7 bottles. sadly, there are even more in the pantry that haven't been opened yet.hmm...neither brian nor i eat pickles or peppers, relishy type things in general. how did we manage to amass 7 jars? i suspect the culprit must be my mother. and no, i have in not been craving them with ice cream during my pregnancy.

speaking of ice cream, i found an embarassing amount of ice cream toppings.from pecorino romano to gorgonzola to kraft singles, there was an equally appalling magnitude of cheese... yogurt...and milk. at least we're getting our dairy. to explain why we have 4 kinds of milk - the almond and soy are for me, the skim for my mom, and the 2% is technically brian's. normally whole milk would be in place of 2%, but i won a fight in the grocery store following an elevated cholesterol panel. you can't see it in the picture, but of course the 2% is expired and i suspect the diesel milk will make it into our shopping cart over abundance of salad dressings. i've no explanation.

and then we come to the really random stuff.

one-time purchases for a recipe that continue to squat, loitering in the recesses of the fridge.who knows what i originally had planned for this. probably something delicious. too bad it expired in 2009.really? someone actually went through the trouble of putting this back?

i'm so proud of myself. my refrigerator is nice and clean and organized. pure bliss. i predict this will last approximately 34 hours.and, the mystery is solved - my refrigerator and i could make an appearance on "hoarders".

next up, the deep freeze. or perhaps the pantry.

maybe some other day.


Kevin said...

I've often wondered what exactly is in there, thanks for the heads up! Now I know where to go when I get a hankering for pickles, mustard, and ice cream toppings!

Veggie Option said...

Wanna come over and clean mine out next? ;)

I love this post and might steal the idea of photographing everythuing and do the same with my fridge when I get around to cleaning it out (if, that is, you don't take me up on my offer).

k said...

heather - you are so right about the exp dates. while it only helped minimally in the fridge, when i did the pantry a couple months ago i threw out a TON of food - it made me feel like a horrible, wasteful person.

kevin - you know whatever is in our kitchen you are welcome to ;)

veggie - ha, no. doing ours just plum wore me out. although there is something so satisfying about the whole process.

Cincinnati Bites said...

I'm so envious of your fridge! It's not only neat and tidy but so full! Mine chills 80% air most of the time.

jeff said...

I totally understand your thing about mustard - I have the same "problem" with honey, although, really, I don't consider it a problem.

Thanks for the post. This made me laugh.

Courtney said...

Thanks, I feel better about all my bottles of mustard in the fridge now!!

k said...

i am glad others share my obsessions/compulsions.

bites - for years the only thing in my fridge was mustard, wine, and beer. maybe some cheese. i feel i've really grown as a person.