Thursday, August 6, 2009

molly malone's

despite wine me, dine me's lukewarm review of molly malone's in pleasant ridge, i had to give it a try for myself. my friend kevin and i stopped there on our way home from kenwood sunday (yes, when you live on the westside, pleasant ridge can be on the way home from kenwood). there were maybe 5 people in the whole restaurant.

the atmosphere of the long-lost dubliner lingers, but i found the food to be...well, just ok. first we had the irish egg rolls. sounded wonderful conceptually: sauerkraut, corned beef, irish cheese (whatever that means). the execution was lacking, however. completely bland. even for cabbage and corned beef.

for lunch i had the bookmaker steak sandwich. it was impressive looking, overflowing with beef and cheese. while the bread was satisfactory, again i found the beef and cheese to have little flavor, despite the red onions. seriously in need of some seasoning. the accompanying "tart and creamy" horseradish sauce needed way less creamy and way more tart. load up the horseradish, people! something needs to add flavor.

i think my biggest problem was the food just seemed so non-committal. great ideas, but deficient in the aplomb necessary for a successful dish.
i will continue to mourn the loss of the dubliner, their marvelous boxty, and superior sunday brunch.

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Veggie Option said...

I miss The Dubliner's veggie boxty. Molly Malone's just isn't the same. :(

Heather said...

i have to say though - i loved the irish egg rolls - of course i'd just walked the p-ridge garden show for 3 hours and would have eaten sidewalk chalk at that point...but i thought they were good.

Heather said...
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5chw4r7z said...

Its a great space to have a beer, stand around the firepit and smoke a cigar.

Kevin said...

I must say that I had the grilled cheese with bacon (I forget the official name), and while good, it wasn't quite as bacon-y as I'd hoped. Other than that, good. Kind of hard to screw up grilled cheese :) and I have to agree the Irish Egg Rolls sounded better on paper. Not that they were bad, just could've been more!